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Death on Sint Maarten. And a radical solution.

The Courthouse St. Maarten

The Courthouse St. Maarten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SHOCK: The bodies of wealthy retired American insurance executive Michael and Thelma King, were found with multiple stab wounds in their beachfront Cupecoy condominium on the island of Saint Maarten. A suspect has been arrested in the horrific murders Sunday morning.

“The woman was tied onto a chair. The man was lying on the floor and partially over another chair,” continued [Chief Prosecutor Hans] Mos in describing the scene police officers encountered. “The motive of this horrific crime is as yet unclear. The doctor who was at the crime scene found no indication whatsoever of a possible sexual motive. Speculations earlier today were suggesting this.”
»Male Suspect Arrested in Double Murders of South Carolina Couple Michael and Thelma King in Saint Maarten

The suspect, identified as M.K.J., a 28 year old male, born in Jamaica, heavily resisted his arrest, wounding a police officer.

J., who got wounded too, had to be treated in hospital.

Afterwards J. was taken to the police station.

Since then he has been questioned. He has been cooperative to a certain extent but was reluctant to answer critical questions.
»Autopsies performed in Cupecoy case. Preliminary results will not yet be released in the interest of the investigation

* American couple found murdered in Cupecoy condominium

This is what happens when you allow a Muslim Communist President to destroy our global image. We need to invade St. Maarten!

Romney and Ryan 2012!

This stabbing slaughter of two Americans in St. Maarten is a total outrage.

This is one of the reasons I stopped vacationing on St. Maarten several years ago — too much crime with too little police presence. Criminals do not fear much on the island, as Dutch authorities are renowned for lax prosecution. A murder conviction might get an islander 8 years in prison. What kind of deterrent is such a weak Dutch judicial system to a criminal? Hardly none.

I happen to know the area quite well where the American couple was slain and have stayed at Cupecoy and walked the beach many times in that area. What I realized from the very first visit, is that you are always being watched by the cliff walkers, looking down to see if you’ve walked away from your personal belongings, so they can tip someone off to make a quick grab or rob you when you exit the beach.

On my last trip to St. Maarten, I witnessed a Polish man get his camera bag ripped off his shoulder on the beach by a local native. The impact threw the man to the ground. A few hours later, I sat down at a beach bar, when I met an American couple from NJ who had their money, passports, –everything stolen, when a thief entered their ground floor room. When I returned to my hotel later that evening, I met a distressed man in the parking lot, angry that parts had been stolen off his rental car while he was beach. I could not relax on my vacation because of all the constant crime encounters.

The senseless deaths of these two Americans was a disaster waiting to happen with such poor police presence in St. Martin. It has been a problem for decades. The Dutch do not seem to put a premium on protecting it’s tourists, when tourism is the main source of revenue on the island.

We need to go in there like we did in Grenada!


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