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Angela Merkel: Gays, come out, come out, wherever you are!



Merkel: gay footballers should have no fear

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday became the latest high-profile figure to tell gay footballers they should have no fear of revealing their homosexuality.

“I am of the opinion that anyone who sums up the strength and bravery – and we have a long tradition of this behind us in politics – should know that they live in a country where they have nothing to fear,” said Merkel at a forum in Berlin to discuss integration in sport.

“The fact that there are still fears for some people for their own situation means we need to send out a clear message: you must not be afraid.”

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  1. and yet she is against gay marriage and equal rights for civil unions.. Not to mention the views of some politicians of her party..


    • Well, that’s politics!


      • sadly, it is…


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