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Comfort women: Secret document proves sexual slavery

comfort woman

comfort woman (Photo credit: theogeo)

Recently a secret document has been found at a historical records room of the Japanese Defense Ministry. It is “Secret document No.118” sent by the adjutant of the Japanese Minister of the Army to the chief of staff of the Taiwan Detachment of the Japanese army on June 13, 1942.

The document contains a report of the chief of staff of the Taiwan Detachment of the Japanese army that 50 sexual slaves are not enough and a record that 20 sexual slaves would be sent additionally to the comfort station of the field army.

It disclosed totally once again the blatant falsity of the Japanese government’s allegation that the military had never been involved in the management of the comfort station for the Japanese army.

It is an undeniable fact that the Japanese imperialists forcibly drafted, kidnapped and allured 200 000 Korean women on the strength of the power of the government and the military to use them as sexual slaves for the Japanese army.

This notwithstanding, the Japanese reactionaries are denying the involvement of the military in the management of the comfort station.

The ultra-right conservatives of Japan say: “There is no evidence proving that Korean women were walked away, being violated and threatened by the Japanese army”, adding: “This is Japan’s view.”

This reveals once again Japan’s extreme craftiness, shamelessness and deep-rooted practice of denying history.

Some time ago the U.S. State Department expressed its stand that the sexual slavery of the Japanese imperialists is hideous infringement on human rights and announced that it would use the terms of “comfort women for the Japanese army” and “sexual slaves” together.

A U.S. Representative urged the Japanese government to correct wrongdoings made after the war and apologize for it.

Many other countries too brand Japan’s crime of sexual slavery in the past as a hideous unethical crime and demand the Japanese government admit it frankly and apologize and compensate for it.

But the Japanese reactionaries insult the sexual slaves for the Japanese army as prostitutes and delete related mention of it in the secondary school textbooks.

Jo Thaek Bom
Secret Document Proves Sexual Slavery
Aug. 30, Juche 101 (2012) Thursday


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