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Faroe Islands: Fairytale Land. Well, at least most of the time.







Traditional pilot whale slaughter. Photo Adam Woolfitt/Robert Harding/Corbis.

Traditional pilot whale slaughter. Photo Adam Woolfitt/Robert Harding/Corbis.

According to Sea Shepherd president and founder Captain Paul Watson:

“The killing of the whales in the Faroe Islands is a violation of the European Union, specifically the Berne Convention but the Faroes as a Danish Protectorate are not a member of the EU although they directly benefit through Denmark from the EU. Denmark should be held accountable but apparently they are not.”
»Deborah Bassett: Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter Sparks International Controversy

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UPDATE 16 August 2012:

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  1. You won’t find any pictures of pigs being slaughtered in the Faroes… no pigs live on the Faroes. Only sheep, humans, rabbits, dogs, and cats. Oh and a few cows and horses. Thanks for thinking further about the issue. I don’t take it personally – I just want to encourage everyone to thing about the issue, instead of just forwarding scary looking images. Imagine how you would feel if your country was represented in lots of emails by a picture of a slaughterhouse – and that was the first time most recipients had heard of your country. It’s quite a sad situation. 🙂


    • There are worst things happening around the world.
      Let’s first solve those, and then we can focus on whale hunting.


  2. I encourage you to read more about both sides of this controversy. Sea Shepherd is not an organization I can agree with or support – they have questionable methods and extreme viewpoints. My question to you is, are you a vegetarian? If you are, then I’m sure you think the pilot whale slaughter is as horrific as the slaughter of any other animal. But if you do eat meat, how can you say that it’s okay to eat a pig, and not a whale?

    I don’t love the whale slaughter – and I don’t love the thought of any animals being killed. However, I do eat meat, so I don’t feel like I can condemn those who eat different forms of it. Sure, whales are smarter than some animals, but pigs are also extremely intelligent. Where should the line be drawn?

    If the whales hunted were endangered – again, I would object. But the pilot whales are not endangered, and the amount taken by the Faroese is very well monitored and sustainable. So I think this is a complex issue, and I hope you will take the time to look into it and give it some thought, before passing judgement. Thanks anyway for the nice pictures! 🙂


    • Wow, what a can of worms I’ve opened!
      Note to self: If you want to get near the truth, you must go to the source, i.e. Faroe Islands.
      Until then:

      Thank you very much for your input.

      Please don’t take these things too personal!

      See the UPDATE!

      P.S. I tried to find a picture with pigs being slaughtered @ Faroe Islands. Couldn’t find any, so I had to stick to the one with the whales/dolphins.


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