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It is happening again: Life IS stranger than fiction


James E. Holmes vs. Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob

Sideshow Bob

James E. Holmes

James E. Holmes

[]James Holmes — STRANGE BEHAVIOR in Colorado Court

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What is wrong with this country?We’ve seen yet another instance where an insane person purchases an enormous stock of high-powered weapons and goes on a killing spree. It is becoming a bit trite: The grisly killings, the public shock, interviews with survivors, the outpouring of faux grief, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the symbols (crosses, teddy bears) erupting like mushrooms after a rain, the visits by politicians, and then the finger-pointing, trials, and sentences. It’s a well-rehearsed course and chorus. Watching the latest events unfold in Aurora I got a sense of Shirley Jackson’s famous short story, The Lottery, in which some poor devil is chosen to die for the amusement of the greater society. Although I have to admit to cynicism, I accuse the media of the same – something to inflame the passions and consume bandwidth (instead of sell papers, as in the old days).
This is all so predictable. There are many insane people in any population; perhaps in America the percentage is higher. The difference is that this country does absolutely nothing to prevent the mass killings – it blithely continues to insist that somehow we are safer if nuts can buy assault rifles. No one wants to stand up to the rednecks in the NRA for fear of alienating the Bubba crowd. President Obama deserves particular scorn on this point, for he himself spoke negatively of those who cling to their guns as their personal salvation tools during the last election campaign.
America, get used to it. Many innocents will continue to be murdered at random locations by random murderers who have some insane agenda to address. We will continue to express shock, faux grief, fake incomprehension, and then fall into our cycle of canned response: Crosses, teddy bears, polilticians’ visits, and then the legal process triggered by the murders. We have the means, but not the will, to prevent these atrocities. And so we will continue to be amused by the occasional nut who arms himself to the teeth and guns down a bunch of innocents.
It’s the price of living in a free society, right? And not only that, it’s a very effective bit of macabre entertainment.

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