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Calgary Stampede chuckwagon accident

English: chuckwagon race at the Calgary Stampede

English: chuckwagon race at the Calgary Stampede (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The death of three horses in a chuckwagon accident at the Calgary Stampede was a startling event.

It came amidst calls by animal rights activists to shut down the rodeo and calf-roping events, out of fears over animal cruelty, but the chuckwagon incident ratcheted up the reaction another notch.
»Calgary Stampede chuckwagon accident: how people reacted

Results of Autopsy: July 12 Chuckwagon Incident
Friday, July 13, 2012 05:55 PM

The Calgary Stampede has received the results of the autopsy on the horse that collapsed. “The left lead horse experienced a ruptured aortic aneurism, leading to sudden internal bleeding and explains why the horse faltered, weakened and then collapsed,” says Dr. Greg Evans, chief veterinarian for the Calgary Stampede.

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