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Sea Glass In Bermuda

White and Green Sea Glass with Hummingbird Charm

White and Green Sea Glass with Hummingbird Charm (Photo credit: PaleyFarm)

Bermuda is well known for sun-kissed pink sand, turquoise waters, and of course arguably the most delicious rum in the world. However, what many don’t realize is when you combine these different elements together something amazing happens, sea glass.


Sea glass is created when pieces of glass are tossed into the ocean and are then weathered down physically and chemically to produce beautifully polished and naturally frosted smooth glass that eventually washes ashore (the sand, ocean, and coloured glass, like rum bottles, can take full credit for these gems of the sea).


It’s difficult to explain just why sea glass holds such a majestic power over those who collect it, but like any art enthusiast will tell you, it’s what makes the piece unique that makes it valuable. For many collectors, this passion has been passed down for generations and has truly become an art form that requires skill and experience.

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