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A World of Plastic


ANIMAL WELFARE: Turtle deformed from six-pack plastic ring
[youtube: fish among this school of burrito grunts (Anisotremus interruptus) has a plastic ring stuck around his head. It looks like the ring has been there for a while, and disease appears to be creeping in at the wound site; this will almost certainly lead to the fish’s eventual demise. Even worse, the plastic ring will remain intact to kill another marine creature, and another, and another.

Plastics dumped in the environment often end up in the ocean… where they last forever. Please pick up any rubbish you see, and reduce the disposable plastic you use.
»A plastic ring wrapped around a fish as it swims in its school

[]Turtles fighting for fanta bottle cap XD, 2009

* Why You Should Cut Plastic Milk-Rings

* The Plastic Problem

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