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Red crabs on Cayman Islands predict the weather


Thousands of tiny crabs, commonly known as redshanks, were spotted all over Cayman Brac.
Some of the older folks say when you see the redshanks come out in these numbers, a big storm is coming.

But weather officials say there’s some good news for the Cayman Islands.

Chief Meteorologist, John Tibbetts says, “The theory going into this year suggests that we’re going to have either a neutral or an El Nino Season forming. If you have a neutral or El Nino Season, the Pacific Ocean tends to be a bit more active than the Atlantic Ocean.”

Mr. Tibbetts adds that even though the Atlantic season is expected to be neutral, he warns one major hurricane is all it takes to leave a lasting impact.

Funny thing, these little red crabs. But don’t rely on them. In 1998, we had many thousands of them at Mariner’s Cove – and Hurricane Mitch came, but destroyed only our Gazebo by the ocean… 2004, when every house in our complex was destroyed, I didn’t see any of those red crabs prior to the storm…
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 10:14 pm
»Thousands of redshanks spotted on the Brac

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