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Pepsi on the Moon. Way ahead of Coke.


Pepsi on the moon? Thousands of Iranians fall prey to hoax

We got fooled. I myself helped propagate the rumour and told people to check out the moon. My girlfriend even asked me why this important news wasn’t covered by the BBC, Euronews or the state media. I replied, well that’s because it will be an advertisement for Pepsi, and they don’t want to advertise for them. I think about half of the people in Tehran and many other cities went up on their roofs at 11:30 pm. My colleagues and I gazed at the moon for several minutes and saw nothing! But we had a good laugh about it.
Saed is a journalist in Tehran.

On our block, I saw many people on their roofs. Some even had telescopes and binoculars. I found it strange, because the main source of this rumour came from Facebook and not professional news websites, and Internet users in Iran are usually those who are the most educated.
I can’t believe this has happened once again, 33 years after people went out en masse to see Ayatollah Khomeini’s face on the moon. [During the Iranian revolution in 1979, right before Khomeini’s return from exile, thousands of Iranians believed a rumour that his face would appear on the moon]. That time, though, a lot of people claimed they actually saw his face, while today, everyone was talking about what fools we are to believe such rumours!
Faria is a scientist in Tehran.


Rumors had swelled on Iranian websites and social networks, saying that Pepsi Co. was going to shoot powerful lasers at the moon to display the brand’s colors on its surface. Some took this as a joke; others believed it. Either way, many went up on their roofs to inspect the moon at the announced time.
»Pepsi on the moon? Thousands of Iranians fall prey to hoax


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