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Coelacanth, Comoros’ prehistoric fish


Ichthyology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comoros is world famous for its coelacanth, a prehistoric fish which is 350 million years old.

Coelacanths are able to swim forward, backward, upside down and on their heads.

Coelacanths live 400 meters beneath the surface. During the day they are inactive seeking protection in volcanic caves. At night these nocturnal predators are on the hunt. Their luminescent alien-green eyes have adapted to extremely low light levels – so much so that they do not hunt during a full moon.

The hollow spine of the coelacanth is composed mainly of a flexible cartilage – similar to a shark. Its spinal fluid is viscous golden and rumoured to act as an elixir. Coelacanths are thought to live for at least 40 years.

Coelacanth’s give birth to live pups, this predate the first mammals by at least 100 million years.

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