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Crazy Dogs

Deutsch: mittelalter, gepanzerter, doggenartig...

Deutsch: mittelalter, gepanzerter, doggenartiger hund historisch daher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every June witnesses a storm of anti-U.S. sentiments rising higher than usual in south Korea.

In June 25, 1950, the U.S. started a war in Korea, a war that brought the Korean people untold calamity and misery.

It is also in June some years ago that two south Korean young girls were run over by a US armored car.

With anti-US cries still reverberating all over south Korea, traitors are working busily to erect in Osan a statue of US officer who died a dog’s death in the last Korean war.

What crazy dogs!

Are U.S. troops savior of south Korea?

No, they are brutal killers of our fellow countrymen.

Now, the south Korean puppets have gone so far as to strengthen their military tie-up with Japan, a sworn enemy of the Korean people.

Those traitors cringing on outside forces will be surely punished by the people.

Kim Hyang Mi

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