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Just a worm-up: Argies shoot their Olympic video on Falkland Islands


[]Fernando Zylberberg trains on the island’s Great War Memorial, which honours British sailors who died in World War I

Hockey player in controversial Falklands advert ‘to miss London Olympics’

The Argentine hockey player filmed doing step-ups on a British war memorial on the Falkland Islands has been dropped from the country’s squad ahead of the London Olympics.

Fernando Zylberberg starred in the government video which was first aired last week and has been widely condemned as the last attempt by Cristina Kirchner’s government to attack Britain over the disputed territory.

Set to stirring patriotic music and featuring scenes of Zylberberg running and training around famous Falklands landmarks, the video ends with the slogan: “To compete on English soil, we are training on Argentine soil.”

Zylberberg, 34, who has captained the national hockey side in the past and appeared at two Olympic Games has been left out of the 18-man squad to play in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia.

It means the player will avoid a potentially fiery meeting against the Great Britain team, which is also competing in Malaysia.

The event is the team’s final warm-up event before the Olympics and means that Zylberberg will be unlikely to make the squad for London.
»Hockey player in controversial Falklands advert ‘to miss London Olympics’

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