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SLPP Sniffs out ‘Moles’ by ‘Negatively Presented’ Look on Faces

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Women’s Leader of Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) has described the violent actions (physical beatings) taken against their former member Kadi Johnson Cole by hooligan SLPP members to be as a result of Kadi Johnson Cole’s face not being visible in a positive way to SLPP members. According to Madam I.J. Kabbah, no one would have attacked Kadi Johnson Cole if Johnson Cole had presented herself in a positive way. She offered no apologies for the beating Kadi Johnson Cole suffered inside SLPP party offices on at least two occasions. One such occasion saw Madam I.J. Kabbah using her folded fists to give a massive thump on the spinal cord of Kadi Johnson Cole.

It can be recalled that Kadi Johnson Cole was a very strong supporter of the SLPP for many years. She spent thousands of United States dollars over the years from her personal funds for the wherewithal of the party.

In the year 2010, she flew in from London to contest for the position of presidential candidate for the SLPP but gracefully accepted loss at the hands of the current candidate Julius Maada Bio. She had paid the huge sum of fifty million leones (Le50million) as candidate fee. Strangely, it was after the party collected the money from her and deposited it into their SLPP coffers, that certain SLPP members started to accuse her of being a ‘Bombali Limba Mole’ within the party. Her movements were curtailed within the party although no evidence existed for her to be so badly treated.

She was attacked and beaten up on at least two occasions and the final straw that forced her to painfully resign was when she was beaten up in March this year and given a threat that she would be lucky to leave with her life if she ever went to SLPP offices again. No one in the party’s hierarchy did anything to pacify the situation; they all turned the other way.

This is the woman whom I.J. Kabbah is now telling the world might have deserved to be beaten up by SLPP hooligans because the look on her face was not positively presented and so “something must have happened” to create suspicions about her motives within the SLPP.

When she was pressed further by James Taiwo Cullen of FM96.2 on the matter of violence against her fellow woman, especially seeing she was a multi-faceted Women’s Leader (SLPP & APPWA), I.J. Kabbah dismissed Cullen on the issue saying “but really, I do not want to discuss that issue”! She expressed no remorse or regrets.

At that point, it was clear to many listeners that I.J. Kabbah lost a great opportunity presented her by Cullen, to have expressed the party’s position to be one of non-violence especially against women.

Instead, she sarcastically asked the radio interviewers why was it that no-one was calling them moles and spies?

“In any organisation you belong to, make yourself visible in a positive way,” Madam Kabbah insisted as justification for the horrors which Johnson Cole went through.

It has been reported that right inside the SLPP Headquarters, Kadi Johnson Cole, a respectable woman who had helped the party greatly, was grabbed by the neck, forcefully frog-marched down several steps and thrown into the streets amidst loud booings by the SLPP Boys & Girls.

It can also be remembered that it was under the erstwhile SLPP led Government that persons were identified for slaughter by the pro-SLPP militia based on how the militia smelt them out based on ‘the look’ on their faces.
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