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Jessica Baldachino, Miss Gibraltar 2012

Jessica Baldachino Crowned Miss Gibraltar 2012

Jessica Baldachino Crowned Miss Gibraltar 2012

Jessica Louise Baldachino (24) was crowned Miss Gibraltar 2012 at the St Michael’s Cave.
She will represent Gibraltar in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on August 18.
The first runner-up was Kerrianne Massetti and the second runner-up was Christina Ainsworth. Nine contestants competed for the national pageant that celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Jessica Baldachino

Jessica Baldachino

LOCAL BEAUTY: Jessica Baldachino is the new Miss Gibraltar. She will reign in the fiftieth anniversary year of the Miss Gibraltar pageant.

In its 50th year Miss Gibraltar 2012 will be remembered not just for its historical significance but for having overcome a two and a half hour delay following a major electrical power failure to St Michael’s Cave and Upper Rock. Promptly starting at 9pm, just 25 minutes into an energy driven production which promised a night of top class entertainment, the show came to an abrupt stop. It was undoubtedly its elegant, dynamic and overall strong production values which saved the night.

James Neish handled the situation with ease keeping the captive audience informed, on board and on his side throughout – a patient audience which stayed and understood this was a problem beyond the organisers control wanting to wait no matter the odds or how late the hour, cheering on the contestants, participants and crew alike.
»Jessica reigns, power cut fails to take shine off Miss Gib’s golden day

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* Jessica Baldachino

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* Jessica Baldachino

* Jessica Baldachino : Miss Gibraltar 2012

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