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Coconut retriever from Anguilla

Coconut retriever from Anguilla

Coconut retriever from Anguilla

For my birthday this year, we decided to adopt a dog. Tim and I visited the Animal Rescue Foundation Anguilla to find a new dog (link below). We had a choice of two dogs; a boy that was a few weeks and a girl who was about 2.5 months old. As cute as the little boy dog was, we connected with the girl. This sweet girl gave me tons of kisses the day we adopted her! She is already learning to sit, stay, and lie down!

Many of our friends and family are asking what breed she is….the real answer is she’s a “coconut retriever” as they say here on the island. We really don’t know what breed she is, but it appears she may have some pitbull and possibly some doberman in her. She is definitely a mutt and a lovable one at that.
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Animal Rescue Foundation Anguilla website:


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