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Uruguay plans to legalize cultivation of cannabis

The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs requir...

The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs requires governments to regulate cannabis cultivation, but does not ban medical use. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The government of Uruguay is determined to start cultivating cannabis. According to their estimates, 27 tons of cannabis per year will be required to cover the needs of a population of three millions.

The government plans to allocate 100 ha of land for cannabis plantations. It is unknown whether government workers will be the ones to cultivate this controversial plant or does the government plan on trusting private companies with this task.

The government will be able to commence cultivating cannabis after the Country’s congress approves the draft law on the legalization of cannabinoids (this project was proposed last week). Earlier, Uruguay approved the law that allows the use of light drugs, however open sale of such drugs is still prohibited, Reuters reports.

By legalizing cannabis, the government of Uruguay hopes to lower crime rates. According to the country’s authorities, the black market poses a larger threat to the population than light drugs.

If the new draft law makes its way through the Congress, cannabis planting can begin in September 2012. The government hopes to reap the first harvest in six months.

Cannabis realization will be carried out through private companies under tight government supervision. It was decided not to create a national network of specialized shops. Only registered smokers will be allowed to purchase cannabis. No more than 30 grams will be allowed to sell to one person per month. Cannabis will not be available to tourists.
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One more time. Hemp is the world’s largest, renewable, sustainable source for food, clothing, medicine, energy and building products. Henry Ford built his first car out of hemp. As long as Big Pharm and Big Oil hold all the cards marijuana will never be legalized. Sad.

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Haught Street Obama "Yes We Cannabis"...

Haught Street Obama “Yes We Cannabis” Poster (Photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography)



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