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Too much sports can kill you!


Chinese soccer fan reportedly dies after watching Euro 2012 for 11 straight nights

A report out of China says one soccer fan has died after a marathon stretch of watching the European Championships from Poland and Ukraine on TV.

Chinese newspaper Sanxiang Metropolis reports that 26-year-old Jiang Xiaoshan died on June 18 after watching Italy beat Ireland, 2-0. It was the 11th straight night he had stayed up to watch the games which would air at midnight and 2:45 a.m. local time. He would then report to work.

The Daily Telegraph reports the man, who had played soccer for a university team, was cheering for England and France in the tournament.

“We would rest occasionally but he watched every day and would not miss a single match,” a friend told Sanxiang Metropolis, according to a Telegraph translation.

A local doctor told the Chinese paper that Jiang had been in “good health“, but that lack of sleep combined with drinking and smoking during the games proved to be a deadly combination.


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