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Solomon Islands: Illegal Dolphin exports


Dolphin Exports to China

Dr. Visser of New Zealand is correct in her statements regarding the ILLEGAL dolphin exports to China. This export was done without license from the Fisheries Ministry. I ask what Solomon Islander will benefit from the 75,000 USD paid for each dolphin by the Chinese aquarium? Just a few people line their pockets from this illicit trade.

If the Solomons truly want to expand their tuna processing and exports, then this dolphin traffic operation must end now.

Frabelle and Dong Won tuna will not get the dolphin safe tuna approval needed for export if the Solomon Islands govt continues to allow the export and catch of dolphins.

China has a deplorable record on protection of dolphins, and other species.
The capture and trade in all types of wildlife is out of control. Dolphins survive less than five years on average in tiny tanks in many of the aquariums in China and elsewhere in Asia.

It is time this trade end once and for all. Dolphin Safe tuna is the economy for the Solomon Islands, not the capture and export of dolphins to add to the wealth of a select few.

Mark Berman
Associate Director
Earth Island Institute
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Dolphin Exports Unsustainable

An independent assessment of Solomon Islands dolphin exports has warned the current quota is unsustainable.

A report by the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium, presented in Honiara says that level of export is way beyond what the population can sustain.

It says the dolphin population in Guadalcanal Province, which has been the biggest source of dolphins for export, may have been depleted by as much as half – and recommend no more than one dolphin should be removed from there every five years.

The report also highlighted the number of dolphins that die during capture before they are exported, and recommended the government base the quota on the number of dolphins captured, rather than the number for export.

It also found that as dolphin populations in the region do not intermingle, individual populations should be managed separately.

The report was presented at a two day workshop in Honiara which the Ministry of Environment says will lead to a national management plan for the dolphins.

Meanwhile, at a press conference on the eve of his Asian Tour, Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo said dolphin exports are not totally banned in Solomon Islands as it depends on its population.

When asked if the government is saying it will continue to allow dolphin exports from Solomon Islands, Prime Minister Lilo could not give a straight answer but indicated his government will take action if the mammal’s population is at risk.

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Dolphin exports

Dear Sir,

Whatever the population of dolphins in the beautiful waters surrounding the Solomon Islands, can it be right that we take a wild dolphin, a highly intelligent sentient being, and confine it to a life of confinement, often in conditions with poor hygiene and management.

I respectfully ask the Government of the Solomon Islands to reconsider this issue and to refuse to allow the capture and export of wild dolphins.
»Thursday, May 31, 2012 5:02 AM

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So here it is Monday night, and what I have to say is Shame on you Solomon Islands! Shame on all of you who buy a ticket to marine parks, it is you that keep the captivity programs in business!

“SOLOMON Islands will soon again be exporting dolphins this time to Europe.”
»Shame on you Solomon Islands!

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