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Dolphin Kisses Dog And Jumps For Joy


Cheeky dolphin steals kiss from disinterested dog

[]Dolphin and dog and are sitting in a tree! K.I.S.S.I.N.G … Okay, so they aren’t sitting in a tree, but that doesn’t take away the awkward cuteness of this water-based display of affection as this pushy dolphin steals a kiss from a boating pooch. It’s a clip from the IMAX movie “Dolphins,” and judging from the dolphin’s post-smooch leaps of boundless delight, he’s in love and wants everyone to know it. Sadly for him, the doggy object of his affections doesn’t look as enamored. We sense heartbreak on the horizon. Move on dolphin, find happiness with one of your own.

[]Dolphin and Dog – Song of the Seas by Vangelis. A true friendship between a Dolphin and a Dog from the movie: “Zeus and Roxanne” 1992.

[]A dog going for a swim with his friend, the dolphin.

[]Labrador and Dolphin play in the harbour (Tory Island Harbour, Ireland) source: BBC “CountryFile“.

[]My dogs name is “Grizzly”. When he was a little pup he lived with a Sea Lion pup.

[]Dolphins and a dog interacting together!

[]A young dolphin and Madge the dog playing “Hide and Seek” at Glenelg South, South Australia


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