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California mom lathered daughter up in Vaseline, encouraged her to fight


A mom in California was arrested after police say she was caught on tape egging her daughter on in a fight against a classmate.

According to police, Darlene Hart, 42, took her middle school daughter to Antelope Park to fight another middle school student, Espie Duran, CBS Sacramento reported.

In a video of the horrifying incident, she can be heard cheering her on.

“That’s right, go get her,” Hart is heard saying as her daughter claws at her classmate. “That’s right. That’s right.”

The fight was broken up after about 90 seconds by a family friend, according to the report — but not before Espie’s shirt was ripped.

Espie’s father, Julian Duran, told the TV station he was furious after learning about the incident.

“She brought her daughter fully in Vaseline up on her face and arms to get her and to beat her and to rip her clothes off, which she did,” he told the TV station.

Hart and her daughter, who was not identified, were arrested and charged with conspiracy, according to the report.

Hart, of course, isn’t the first deranged parent to encourage her child to brawl.

In 2011, a Long Island mom was arrested after she allegedly encouraged her daughter to fight a classmate outside of school.

At the time, Daphne Melin told ABC7 that she was trying to protect her daughter against cyberbullying.

“Nobody is doing anything and they keep doing these hurtful, hurtful things,” she said of her daughter’s alleged bullies.

Late last month, a Georgia woman turned herself into police after allegedly encouraging her daughter to beat up a classmate.

That incident was caught on tape as well.

* Mom, Daughter Arrested After Girl Fight In Antelope Park

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