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Bihor, Roşia, mina Farcu: Peştera cu Cristale


În momentul descoperirii sale, prin prisma bogăţiei speleotemelor, Peştera Farcu a fost considerată o adevărată bijuterie, remarcabilă fiind printre altele abundenţa şi mărimea cristalelor de calcit, respectiv existenţa unor stalactite-macaroană cu lungimi de până la 1,5-2 m.

Din nefericire cavitatea a fost aproape complet devastată de mineri, care chiar şi în zilele noastre mai oferă spre vânzare “suveniruri” din Peştera Farcu.

Peştera cu cristale Farcu Roşia Bihor

Peştera cu cristale Farcu Roşia Bihor

Din punct de vedere morfometric Peştera Farcu are o dezvoltare de 251 m şi o denivelare de 16 (-7,5;+8,5) m. Extensia este de 76,5 m, de unde rezultă un coeficient de ramificaţe egal cu 3,2. Din totalul de galerii 66 m sunt pasaje verticale, valoare care reprezintă 26,2% din dezvoltare.
»Carstul din zona Farcu, Bazinul văii Şteazelor, Munţii Pădurea Craiului

Cristale Peştera Farcu

Cristale Peştera Farcu

‘The Crystal Cave at Farcu Mine is, if you like, an experiment and a model. Besides being a tourist facility, this is the first time when abandoned mine galleries of a former bauxite quarry are open to the public, thus combining protecting the caves found there with first-class tourism,’ Chairman of Romania’s Federation of Spelaeology Viorel Lascu told Agerpres.

Entrance to the Crystal Cave, famous for its calcite crystals growing horizontally inside the mine, almost transparent and in various big geometrical shapes – some up to one metre long – will be through the mine galleries, which have been refurbished.

CAPDD Chairman Paul Iacob says the planning of the cave was preformed using modern technologies that meet the standards for high-tech facilities and ecological standards, which requires the project to be environmentally friendly. Tourists can walk the trails there especially built for them with staircases and balustrades of glass-fibre reinforced plastics and LED lighting that guides tourists to the amazing mysteries of the cave.

The tourist trail will be 200m long through mine galleries, where there will also be a mining museum and 100 metres of cave galleries, which walls have been modelled by water and decked with unique natural crystal formations.

The trail ends at a balcony from where a reservation of crystals including famous Farcu discs and crystal dragonflies can be admired.

The cave is valuable for its rich content of crystals, which are unique in Romania, its karstic phenomena and also because of its location in the Roşia area, a region that is rich in caves and magnificent sceneries and has important crafts traditions and cuisine.
»Crystal Cave at Farcu Mine opens as first mine-cave tourist combo in Romania

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