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A new trend for hot days: Naked shopping

Behind the shopping cart

Behind the shopping cart. Photo DPA.

Hundreds of naked shoppers flocked to a new German supermarket offering free groceries to customers willing to get their kit off.

They camped outside the new Priss supermarket in Süderlügum, North Frisia, in the hope of being among the lucky first 100 promised 270€ worth of groceries.


Police, photographers and a bemused supermaket manager Nils Sterndorff witnessed the strange scenes at the supermarket opening.

Customers wandered between the aisles studying shopping lists in nothing but their birthday suits.


Naked… Photo DPA.

Mr Sterndorff was overwhelmed by the success of his gimmick: “I never thought a hundred people would come, I thought maybe more like ten,” he said.

But police said about 250 turned up – so many that they were allowed in only in batches of 20 to avoid a crush.
»Police advise on crowd crush as numbers exceed expectations at supermarket event.

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