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Togo, Home of Voodoo


Voodoo in fongbe (a local language) means “strength.” This particular animistic belief originated in the jungle region between TOGO and BENIN about 4,000 years ago and since then has evolved several influences getting up to the present day. From 1992 BENIN chosen at the January 10 each year as National Day of voodoo. For followers of this religion do not go dead relatives “to heaven” or “Paradise, or” the hole “. Their souls are among those who remain, but in another way.
A main feature is the voodoo ritual dance, in fact, called Voodoo’s.

The Voodoo rituals that attempt through dance is to enter a kind of communion with nature and get express all be getting to be encouraged of God, manifested by the selected attribute. During voodoo ceremonies, always accompanied by song and dance rituals, people tend to consume sodabi (palm wine) and other natural stimulants. The aim is to create the right atmosphere to communicate with spirits or deities of the pantheon with the spirits of ancestors. Animal sacrifice is an essential part of the offerings that are owed to the gods and as the importance of the ceremony, the petition or the circumstances, sacrifice a domestic animal species or other. The cocks and hens are the most common, followed by goats, pork, baca, etc.
»Annual voodoo festival in Benin. 10 JANUARY

Friday Photo: Voodoo Fetish

Voodoo Fetish

Voodoo Fetish

My neighbor hasn’t been in town for sometime and has as placed this voodoo fetish under his front door to protect his home from theives while he is away. I think it’s a chicken, though I’m not sure. Either way, it’s a bit startling to look at and caught me off guard when a visiting friend pointed it out.

Voodo-Fetischmarkt Lome

Voodo-Fetischmarkt Lome

Anthropologist Walter Cannon spent several years collecting examples of “voodoo death,” instances in which men and women died as a result of being the recipient of a curse, an alleged supernatural visitation, or the breaking of some tribal or cultural taboo. The question that Cannon sought to answer was, “How can an ominous and persistent state of fear end the life of a human?” Fear, one of the most powerful and deeprooted of the emotions, has its effects mediated through the nervous system and the endocrine apparatus, the “sympathetic-adrenal system.” Cannon has hypothesized that, “if these powerful emotions prevail and the bodily forces are fully mobilized for action, and if this state of extreme perturbation continues for an uncontrolled possession of the organism for a considerable period . . . dire results may ensue.” Cannon has suggested, then, that “vodun death” may result from a state of shock due to a persistent and continuous outpouring of adrenalin and a depletion of the adrenal corticosteroid hormones. Such a constant agitation caused by an abiding sense of fear could consequently induce a fatal reduction in blood pressure. Cannon assessed voodoo death as a real phenomenon set in motion by “shocking emotional stress to obvious or repressed terror.”
»The mysteries of voodoo


Togo’s Akodessewa Fetish Market is recognized as the largest fetish market in the world, a place where Voodoo practitioner can find anything they need for their rituals.

The practice of voodoo began in West Africa, before being taken to America by slaves, and in countries like Togo, Ghana, or Nigeria the religion is very much alive. Many people believe healers using animal parts and strange talismans can invoke spirits with their bizarre rituals, and solve their problems.

And if there’s one place where voodoo priests can stock up on their creepy supplies, it’s the Akodessewa Fetish Market, in Togo’s capital city, Lome. Just think of it as an outdoor pharmacy where various animal parts, bone statues and herbs take the place of conventional medicine.
»Check out Africa’s largest fettish (Voodoo) market.

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