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Lara Pulver: I enjoyed spanking Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock


Lara Pulver‘s infamous Sherlock nude scenes have led to her being nominated for a Critics’ Choice award in the US.

A Scandal in Belgravia, the Sherlock episode in which Pulver made a guest appearance, was a big hit with fans quickly becoming the most watched video on iPlayer.

It was also the source of controversy due to the extensive time the actress spent on screen naked.

This did not put off the judging panel at the American Critics’ Choice Awards however, who have nominated Pulver for an award for her brief stint in the detective drama.

Pulver has been shortlisted for best actress in a TV movie or mini-series and faces competition from fellow Brit Emily Watson who has been given a nod for her role in serial killer drama Appropriate Adult.
»Lara Pulver gets American awards nod for nude Sherlock scenes

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Lara Pulver has revealed that she rather enjoyed her naked scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch in the new series of Sherlock, saying that he urged her to whip him harder.

‘He was like, ‘Oh, there she is. She’s naked and there’s her a*** crack and off we go…’

The sultry Pulver joked that co-star Martin Freeman was a little hands on during filming for the scenes too, adding to The Sun: ‘Martin is always naughty. ‘Martin Freehands’ is so true.
»Lara Pulver: I enjoyed spanking Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock


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