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Leda Renee Knowlden, Miss Liberia 2012. Or maybe not?


MONROVIA, Liberia – Leda Renee Knowlden (18, 1.70m, Voinjama) won the Miss Liberia 2012 pageant held at the Executive Pavilion in Monrovia. She will represent Liberia in Miss World 2012 in Ordos, Inner Mongolia on August 18.
»The Times of Beauty

Miss Lofa, Leda Renee Knowlden, is said to be the winner announced and crowned at the pageant.

Miss Lofa, Leda Renee Knowlden, is said to be the winner announced and crowned at the pageant.

* Miss Liberia 2011/2012 Winner is Leda R. Knowlden of Lofa Country

In Liberia, we have managed to conduct many beauty pageants successfully even during wartime. Never in the history of the pageant have we as a nation faced such international embarrassment as we did on April 16 when the panel of judges including Maxine Menson, a Ghanaian official of ECOWAS, Ms. Onyeka Uchechakwu, the most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Representative Muna Pelham, a former queen, unanimously condemned the action of the chief event organizer, Chris Onanuga of who dumped their choice to announce a winner of his choice last minute. This sudden twist infuriated the Master of Ceremony, popular Nigerian actor, Desmond Elliot, who refused to announce the 419 result.

According to Ms. Menson, the legitimate winner was Brigitte Rouhana of Montserrado County who scored a total of 285 points. Unfortunately, Chris Onanuga’s 419 winners, Leda Knowlden of Lofa County only scraped 169 points based on the official judges scoring.

Onanuga’s justification was that the judges “failed to follow some of the procedures given them by the committee”.

What a gross disrespect to the judges and insult to Liberia? He failed to recognise that he was dealing with people more educated and credible than he is, a common hustler who having failed as an ECOMOG soldier, came to Liberia to search for his living. He felt he was dealing with photographers on Broad Street. This is why I commend Desmond Elliot and the judges for distancing themselves from such a crooked act that left well meaning Liberians to ask why and how such an important contract was given to such a company that gave an ugly impression that Liberians, after successfully conducting Presidential and General elections, cannot conduct a Miss Liberia pageant void of corruption.

I must commend Cellcom for spending so much money in good faith only for its effort to be thwarted by such ill design of and co. It is a shame.

It is a good move by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) to arrest the situation and commence investigation to restore our pride as a nation.

If the Miss Liberia crown cannot be given to its legitimate winner, Miss Montserrado, then it must be cancelled and reconvened to restore the image of Liberia. We should remember what ECOWAS official’s warning: “If Miss Leda Knowlden of Lofa remains the Miss Liberia for this year, it means that she will only remain Miss in her country and will not represent Liberia at any occasion on the international scene because she was selected fraudulently.”

A word for the wise is quite sufficient.
»Why Miss Liberia 2012 Pageant Should Be Cancelled

The recommendation: “…therefore, in views of these findings amongst others that have been submitted pending interventions. The fact that at the conclusion of the event there were two determinations made regarding the winner of the pageant, Ms. Brigitte Rouhana Montserrado County selected by the judges and Ms. Leda Knowlden Lofa County announced by the chief organizer which created what has been described as a pandemonium; we the members of this committee have unanimously reach a consensus that the 2012 beauty pageant be cancel and the participants be compensated and provided counseling.”
The recommendation called on the Government of Liberia to officially inform the Miss World organizing committee through MICAT of its non-participation in the 2012 event.
People in many sectors of society have begun terming the conduct of the Miss Liberia 2012 beauty pageant “the Revolution” as a true revolution that have succeeded in toppling the prestige attached to the crown whether or not the committee’s recommendation is adhered to.
»Miss Liberia 2012 beauty pageant Results cancelled

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