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Return to Sender: UK gets Paedo back


Back in UK: Paedo who abused slumdog children

A PAEDO who abused “Slumdog” street kids in India sneaked back into Britain yesterday — amid fears he could carry out more attacks.
Allan Waters, 63, was deported after serving a six-year term for molesting five boys at a Mumbai orphanage.

The ex-Navy Commander was quizzed by Scotland Yard cops at Heathrow and made to sign the Sex Offenders Register.

But Waters was then released into the community despite serious concerns he will re-offend.

A Whitehall source said: “Our hands are tied. Waters hasn’t committed an offence here and has served his time in India.

“He will be monitored round the clock to make sure he doesn’t abuse any kids. But it would be fair to say nobody wants him living next door.”

Waters, of Hampshire, and fellow paedo Duncan Grant, 68, preyed on children from run-down areas that featured in the Oscar-winning blockbuster Slumdog Millionaire.

They used an orphanage set up by Grant to abuse the five homeless boys — forcing them to perform sex acts before handing them over to sex tourists.

Waters and Grant, of Hampstead, North West London, were convicted in 2006 — then acquitted by the Indian High Court two years later. However, the country’s Supreme Court upheld the original conviction last year and sent the pair back to jail.

Scotland Yard said yesterday: “We will act on any information received that relates to offenders with convictions in other countries. The safety of the public is paramount when dealing with sex offenders.”
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