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Ohio woman charged with prostituting daughter

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7336 – Moscow – Bolotnaya Proshad – Children are the victims of adults’ vices – Prostitution (Photo credit: thisisbossi)

A 37-year-old Ohio woman is being held in an Akron jail on charges of allegedly prostituting her underage daughter.

The woman has been charged with compelling prostitution and promoting prostitution in incidents that involved her daughter, who was 11 and 12 years old at the time.

The woman allegedly drove her daughter to different apartment complexes in their neighborhood and forced her to engage in sexual activities with men in exchange for money and drugs.
The activity went on for at least a year or more, mostly in 2007.

“It would start from the afternoon and it would end at like 7 (a.m.)” the next day. Then, the girl said, “It would start again the afternoon the next day.”

The girl fled to Mexico to get away from the abuse, leaving with someone she thought would help her. But once in Mexico, she was allegedly forced into prostitution there, too, he said.

The girl, now 16 years old, is under the care of a foster parent.
»Ohio woman charged with prostituting daughter


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