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FEMEN protest Euro 2012


Last weekend, FEMEN headed to Ukraine’s city of Donetsk, where several Euro 2012 matches were held. They had planned to hold some protests, but nothing at all went as planned. From the moment the girls arrived in Donetsk, the SBU (formerly the KGB) were closely following their every move. In broad daylight, the three activists that traveled to Donetsk were all apprehended and given hellish treatment.

FEMEN against Euro 2012

FEMEN against Euro 2012

FEMEN insist that they were violently interrogated for 9 hours, after which they were sent to a city morgue which they were forced to clean. After which, the girls were promptly put on a train headed back to Kiev.

As you all can imagine, the girls back in Kiev were panicking. Once all ties were lost to the three activists all of Ukraine were raised to alarm. With no word on their whereabouts, many feared the worst. When the girls were finally given back their mobiles, things finally calmed down.

The SBU in Donetsk let the girls know what will and what will not be tolerated.

SBU are vehemently denying all accusations and demanding that the girls retract all their unfounded accusations.
»FEMEN Were Once Again Captured, Beaten and Scared

FEMEN topless protest

FEMEN topless protest. Ukraine is not a brothel!

* Topless protest in Ukraine

* FEMEN are against

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