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Manitoba: Falcon Cam


Since 2006, CBC Manitoba and the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project (Manitoba) have collaborated to provide Manitobans with the opportunity to observe a family of peregrines on the Falcon Cam as they nest and prepare to welcome their chicks.

Inside the Nest
June 12 – The Radisson chicks are starting to look like the grown-up peregrines they are going to be all too soon.
The Brandon chicks, at three weeks younger than the Radisson chicks, are starting their first big growth spurt and will soon not need their parents’ constant protection in the nestbox.
A couple of days ago, the Brandon pair moved the unhatched egg away from the corner their chicks are using confirming what we have suspected, that this year there will only be three chicks at McKenzie Seeds. It isn’t unusual for an egg not to hatch, but after last year we were hoping that Hurricane and Brooklyn would have a full house this year.


The falcon nest is located on the roof of the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg.


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