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The legend of Pulu Maria


Pulu Maria (English name: West Cay) is an islet in the South Keeling Atoll, Cocos Islands.

Two children went missing from one of the small islands in the southern atoll, now called Pulu Maria, named after the eldest child. Their disappearance baffled the family and the locals who left them on the beach to play while they went cutting trees for firewood.

When they returned the children were gone.

Pulu Maria is no larger than 40sqm so they searched but found nothing, they even set the tiny island on fire just to flush them out but no sign of them was ever found.

Captain Ballard is reported to have been an early settler who lived with his family on Home Island in the mid-19th century. His two children Dick and Maria were lost from the shores of the island known as Pulu Maria, which was apparently named after his daughter. Captain Ballard and his dog were buried south-east of the copra sheds on Home Island. There are two brick-edged graves, one for the man and the other for his dog. The larger grave has a timber headstone.
»Captain Ballard’s grave

Pulu Maria is an island in Cocos Islands, Island nations. The nearest recommended accommodation to Pulu Maria is Cocos Castaway (4 km west).
»Pulu Maria Hotels

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