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Medieval Hungarian village raises Horthy statue


Hungary has a new hero.

Towns and villages are putting up statues and naming streets after Miklos Horthy, a former head of state who led the country into World War II on Adolf Hitler’s side.

The government expanded the reading curriculum for schools last month to include books by Jozsef Nyiro, a member of Parliament during World War II. He also was an ally of Ferenc Szalasi, a former head of the fascist Arrow Cross party who was executed for  war crimes. More than 500,000 Hungarians, mostly Jews, were killed in the Holocaust, according to the Budapest- based Holocaust Memorial Center.

Parliament speaker Laszlo Kover, who co-founded the ruling Fidesz party along with Orban, organized a reburial ceremony for Nyiro in the ethnic-Hungarian part of northern Romania, where the author was born. The May 27 ceremony took place without Nyiro’s ashes after Romania barred them.

Romania “doesn’t accept commemorations and anniversaries for people who were known for anti-Romanian, anti-Semite and pro-fascist behavior,” Premier Victor Ponta said in a speech on June 2, demanding an apology from Orban.

Orban considers Nyiro’s reburial a “funerary matter” and the inclusion of his books in the curriculum “is clearly about his literary work,” government spokesman Andras Giro-Szasz said June 12 in an e-mailed response to questions.

“That the current government is openly associating itself with the ideology of the regime that collaborated with the fascists is unique in Europe,” Attila Mesterhazy, president of the Socialist Party, the largest opposition group, said in a June 2 statement. “That it’s trying to force this kind of thinking on the nation is inexcusable.”
Hungary Lauds Hitler Ally Horthy as Orban Fails to Stop Hatred

Admiral Miklós Horthy during a visit with Adol...

Admiral Miklós Horthy during a visit with Adolf Hitler. The two men sparred often, and eventually Hitler arranged Horthy’s overthrow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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