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Narsarsuaq Airport: Danger ahead!


For passengers, the approach to this remote airport is among the world’s most beautiful.
For pilots, however, the approach for landing involves flying up a fjord and the threat of severe turbulence and wind shear are ever present problems, even on the seemingly calmest of days.
Only pilots with extensive knowledge of the local terrain and weather conditions are permitted to attempt the fjord approach.
Night-time take-offs and landing are banned.

The Airfield at Narsarsuaq was first built by the American Ministry of Defense as an army airbase. Construction began 6. Juli 1941, and the first aircraft landed 24. January 1942.
The airbase with the code name “Bluie West One” had during World War II squadrons of PBY Catalinas and B-25 Mitchells with the assignment to escort allied convoys and track and destroy German submarines.
A military hospital with 250 beds was completed in 1943, and during World War II the population was approximately 4.000 people.

Narsarsuaq Airport

Narsarsuaq Airport

Since January 1, 1988 the Narsarsuaq Airport has been operated by the Greenland Homerule, through the Greenland Airports Administration.
Narsarsuaq has connections to Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq, and Reykjavík with smaller commuter planes, and to Copenhagen with Boeing 757s.
Ice-observations are still based at Narsarsuaq and carried out with Ecureuils.
Narsarsuaq Airport
Box 506
DK 3923 Narsarsuaq

Alongside Kangerlussuaq Airport it is one of two airports in Greenland capable of serving large airliners.
It is also the only international airport in southern Greenland.

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