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Jenifer Riveiro Ilende, Miss Belleza Guinea Ecuatorial 2012


Jenifer Riveiro Ilende, a 20-year-old law student, was crowned Miss Equatorial Guinea 2012 (“Miss Belleza Guinea Ecuatorial 2012″) on May 4th in the capital city of Malabo. The pageant was financed by the country’s First Lady Constancia Mangue de Obiang, in collaboration with Mogue Modeling Agency. Ilende will be the first representative from her country to ever compete in Miss World.

The election of the candidate who will represent Equatorial Guinea in the Miss World 2012 contest took place in the Sipopo conference room presented by famous Equatorial Guinean sports journalist of Spanish television, Desire Ndjambo.

Sixteen candidates of ages ranging from 18 to 20 years, representing the districts pf Acurenam, Aconibe, Annobon, Añisok, Bata, Baney, Ebebiyin, Evinayong, Niefang, Momgomo, Malabo, Micomeseng, Mbini, Kogo, Rio Campo and Luba participated in this beauty contest.

Guillermina Mokuy, in her capacity as Chairwoman of the Panel, said that for the election of the winner they had taken into account training, education and attitude, considering that the candidate has to represent our country in the Miss World contest.

The Minister of Economy, Commerce and Business Promotion also praised the work of the participants and asked them to serve as a good example for all young women in Equatorial Guinea.

* Jenifer Riveiro Ilende, Miss Belleza Guinea Ecuatorial 2012

* Miss Equatorial Guinea 2012 crowned

* Miss Belleza Guinea Ecuatorial 2012


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