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Big Fat Gypsy Weddings: At six you are big and at one or two you are small


Big Fat Gypsy Weddings under fire for showing eight-year-olds ‘pole dancing’

Controversial show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings has come under fire for showing ‘horrific‘ images of girls as young as six provocatively dancing in skimpy clothes and wearing full make-up.

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. They 'learnt to dance like this off the telly'.

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. They ‘learnt to dance like this off the telly’.

The Channel 4 programme was criticised as fans expressed their shock at seeing the young children dancing like ‘pole dancers‘ wearing fake-tan, mini-skirts and heels.

Show bosses have also been slammed by users of influential website Mumsnet for portraying the gypsy communities in an unfair light.

Scenes showed eight-year-old girls getting ready for a traveller communion and being heavily made up by their mums. After the religious service, the youngsters were then seen gyrating to music, explaining how they ‘learnt to dance like this off the telly‘.

VicarInaTuTu wrote on Mumsnet: ‘This surely is not true traveller life? Those children look and dance like some cheap hookers in a strip club, how can they think that’s ok? On any level.’

Campaigners claimed the use of ‘inch-thick‘ make-up and fake tan was ‘sexualising‘ the young children but one of the gypsy children, six-year-old Marianne, had a spray tan for her communion telling the film crew that it was normal ‘because at six you are big and at one or two you are small’.

‘The series is an observational documentary and is a fair and accurate reflection of what the programme makers experienced during filming,’ a spokesman for the broadcasters said.

‘The programme clearly states that the travelling communities are complex, with many different customs, and the programme makers have taken great pains to ensure that both Romany gypsies and travellers are represented fairly. All the themes featured are backed up by first person accounts from within the community,’ the spokesman added.
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It always makes me laugh when people blame the editing – if 6 year olds weren’t dressed up like make-up trowelled hookers then it couldn’t be shown. You can’t “edit” something unless it happens!

This show is highlighting the disgusting discrimination and double standards out the traveller lifestyle, making women basic slaves to their men. They can dress (or not!) like tarts but they can’t go out on a date on their own. All thats missing for the men are clubs, spears and a cave to drag their woman back to.

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