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The day Israel used a boy aged 13 as a human shield



Human Rights Watch says that the Israel Defense Forces used Palestinian civilians as human shields during the 2002 Battle of Jenin.

The Israeli human-rights group B’Tselem said that “for a long period of time following the outbreak of the second intifada, particularly during Operation Defensive Shield, in April 2002, the IDF systematically used Palestinian civilians as human shields, forcing them to carry out military actions which threatened their lives”.

The practice was outlawed by the Supreme Court of Israel in 2005 but human rights groups say the IDF continues to use it.

During the 2008-2009 Gaza invasion known as Operation Cast Lead, Israeli military forces continued using civilians as human shields. According to testimonies, Israeli forces used unarmed Palestinians including children to protect military positions, walk in front of armed soldiers; go into buildings to check for booby traps or gunmen; and inspect suspicious objects for explosives.

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