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Shermine Shahrivar and some breastless mannequins

Breast? No, thank you very much.

Breast? No, thank you very much.

This is an actual photo of a women’s clothing store in Tehran. The manikin breasts have been removed on orders of the vice police during the current crackdown on “un-Islamic” bad hejab practices. Isn’t this a shocking image? I believe volumes could be written about this. The photo was first posted here.
by Ghormeh Sabzi
06/19/2010 – 01:34

This is how Mother Nature designed it: Shermine Shahrivar.

And this is how Mother Nature designed it: Miss Europe, Shermine Shahrivar poses during red carpet arrivals for French directors Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu’s in-competition film ‘Peindre ou Faire l’Amour’ at the 58th Cannes Film Festival May 18, 2005. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard.

* IRI is the first to perform double mastectomy on mannequins. Amazingly, all patients are now cancer free. Another grand achievement for all Iranians.

* Shermine Shahrivar Miss Europe 2005

* Shermine Shahrivar


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