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Greek Neonazi Politician Assaults Female Rivals on TV


Hellas, land of democracy…

Ilias Kasidiaris threw his arms at the Communist Party’s Liana Kanelli, moments after throwing water at Rena Dourou of the far-left Syriza party.
Thanks to reader Stella Kountoupi, who has given this translation of the events in the comments field:
The older lady who is a hard left journalist-politician called him a fascist; in turn he called her a f*** communist. The younger lady, who is a politician with the socialists, claimed that if his party (that’s the far right-wing one) became government, the country would go 500 years back in time; he called her a joke, the other woman got up, he threw the glass of water to the young one and – as you all saw – they started kicking each other.

The particular guy will go to court on the 11th June accused for participating in an armed robbery. In the meantime, he is a candidate for the Greek National elections on 17th June.

Welcome to Greek politics! No wonder we went downhill they way we did!

* Arrest warrant issued after fight on Greek election TV debate

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