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Ohio teen runner helps carry competitor to finish


Winning is NOT Everything

At the OHSAA State Track and Field championship meet in Cincinnati, spectators and officials and participants were privileged to see firsthand an act of outstanding humanity and sportsmanship.
17-year-old West Liberty-Salem High School junior and 1,600-meter champion Meghan Vogel was trailing in last place in the 3,200-meter event when 16-year-old Arlington High School sophomore Arden McMath stumbled and nearly collapsed in front of her. Instead of running around her to avoid the ignominy of last place, Vogel stopped, pulled McMath to her feet and her arm around her own neck and half-dragged, half-carried her the remaining 30 meters to the finish line. There, she stepped behind McMath and pushed her across the finish line ahead of herself.

McMath was apparently suffering from dangerously low sodium levels, but was treated at the scene and is fine. She is very grateful to Vogel, and doesn’t think very many people would have done what she did.

“She was in front of me the whole race, so she deserved to finish in front of me no matter what it took. Distance runners take care of their own.”

Unfortunately, there has been the expected grumbling from the ogres online that Vogel isn’t competitive enough, that she should have gone around McMath and left her lying there, that the ref should have disqualified them, and on and on. I have two suggestions for them: watch this video, and then go suck a lemon.


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