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Crash diets are bone disease timebomb


The Duchess of Cornwall entered the “size zero” debate by warning young women who crash-diet they risk being crippled in later life.

She said they faced a “ticking timebomb” from osteoporosis and called on magazines to be more responsible about the use of stick-thin models in fashion spreads.

Her intervention comes amid growing concern about the effect of low-fat diets and disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

She said: “The trouble is at that age you think you are immortal. They may recover and start eating again but the damage may already be done. A whole generation of women could be affected. What particularly concerns me is the rise of osteoporosis in young people.”

Doctors have reported increasing numbers of women with low bone density.

The Duchess yesterday told of her heartbreak at seeing her mother Rosalind Shand “die in agony” of osteoporosis in 1994 aged 72.
Crash diets are bone disease timebomb, warns Duchess


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