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The Brits are taking over Romania, lock, stock and barrel


First, Prince Charles came and started buying our land and properties.

Now this:

The love everyone said was doomed
She was a highly paid executive. He was a penniless Romanian pianist she met in a holiday bar. Her friends were aghast when she gave up everything to be with him. So how DID it turn out?

‘He has a wicked sense of humour, instantly gets my sarcasm, and I find myself rocking with laughter at his anecdotes’

The couple married in 2009 and have a three-year-old son…

A lovely story! Wish you would write a book!!
– Katie89, Wales, 07/6/2012 11:04

I think this is a lovely story. She took a chance, followed her dream and is very happy. I think the happiness shows in her eyes!! I think a BOOK is a MUST and cannot wait to read it. Wishing them a long and happy life together.
– pussycatdoll, UK, 07/6/2012 10:13

Well, someone took the time to write such a book.
Guess what? It’s also a Brit.
Tessa Dunlop.
To Romania With Love

Aged eighteen, Tessa Dunlop went to post-Revolutionary Romania to work in an orphanage – to do something remarkable to help her get into Oxford. Once there she didn’t want to leave and ended up staying for nearly a year. She returned the following summer, but this time chose a big industrial city where she taught English and befriended a student and his family. The youngest son, ‘Vlad’, was only twelve, shy and very intelligent. Once more Tessa was emotionally hooked. Back home in the Scottish Highlands, she organised for Vlad to be sponsored by her old boarding school. He aced his classes, but, conflicted in the wake of his extraordinary experience, turned down a full-time place. They lost touch; however, the pull of Romania eventually proved too much and, five years on, Tessa returned. Life would never be the same again. To Romania With Love is the moving story of a country in turmoil, and finding love in the most unexpected places.

Dunlop is ‘obsessive’ about Romania and said ‘I just think it’s a f****** great country. I got so much from that year. I owe Romania.

‘It gave me my balls; it gave me a lot of my identity; it gave me a whole fresh look at life.’
—Read the full story here.
Well then, hip hip hooray!
* Tessa Dunlop claims sexual discrimination against BBC

* Tessa Dunlop reveals she met future husband when she was 19 and teaching him when he was 12

* Tessa Dunlop – Official Website

* O prezentatoare britanică şi-a găsit dragostea la Iaşi. Ea era profesoară, el elev de 12 ani VIDEO


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