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One of the art forms that the Cook Islands is well know for is the dancing.  Although it is the dancing and the drums without the costumes it just would not be as dramatic and breathtaking.  The pacific islanders have an eye for detail and have learnt over the centuries to use what is around them for their dance costumes.

Most costumes are made from the nature that is around them, such as discarded coconuts, these are sanded with coconut oil and sandpaper until they have a beautiful shiny shell then transformed into the coconut bra for the girls.

Pandanus and Coconut leaves are dried, and dyed to create grass skirts, head pieces etc… and shells are collected off the beach, boiled, dyed and made into necklaces or sewn onto the costumes.

Fresh and dried plants are used for the costumes and when put together create beautiful pieces.

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    This blog has been created to help victims of crimes to help each other as sure enough the authorities are either powerless to help or turn a blind eye. Our thanks go the the Cook Islands Police. Most of their officers are working hard against an ever growing problem and in spite of outdated legislation that seems to protect the offender and mock the victims.



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