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Famous Facebook and Youtube serial kitten killer seized

Magnotta was surfing Internet for stories about himself: Berlin cafe clerk

Magnotta initially denied his identity, police said. Then he gave up without a fight, stating simply: “You got me.”

The case began last week when a package containing the severed foot addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived at his majority Conservative Party headquarters. A hand was later found at a post office addressed to the minority Liberal Party, authorities said.

The self-proclaimed gay porn actor, stripper and escort promoted himself through a graphic website that showcased his a chameleon-like quality: the ability to change his appearance, authorities said. In one picture, with dark hair, he resembles a teenager. In another, with blond hair, he looks rough. In most of the pictures, whether clothed or half-naked, Magnetta sported a distinct runway pout.

He was also notorious among online animal rights activists, who pegged him as a serial kitten killer who used cat carcasses in sexual acts.

A Facebook group started in December 2010 dubbed him the “Vacuum Kitten Killer,” after a video was posted on YouTube showing kittens being killed by suffocation and drowning.

Several Canadian newspapers reported that Magnotta had dated notorious Canadian killer Karla Homolka, who years before was arrested for the rapes and murders of three Ontario girls, including her own sister. As part of a plea bargain, Homolka served 12 years in prison. LaFreniere said he could not confirm any links and Homolka is not part of the investigation.

There have also been recent reports that Magnotta threatened to kill as early as six months ago during an encounter with a reporter at the Sun.

* Magnotta extradition could take months

* Lin friends relieved suspected killer Magnotta captured
Friend says Jun “Justin” Lin was gentle, always smiling

* Canadian dismemberment suspect arrested in Germany

* Case ‘far from’ over: Canada to seek extradition of dismemberment suspect

* Quebec judge charged in wife’s death won’t testify

* Child killer Turcotte to learn release decision

* Eaton Centre accused was under house arrest

* Brian Lilley on a report that a human foot has been sent to Conservative Party Headquarters in Ottawa.

Well, so much for Internet surveillance!
This fellow had to smail some limbs to his prime-minister to get a little attention.

…nearly all of the major Canadian telecom and cable companies have been secretly working with the government for months on the Internet surveillance bill. The secret group has been given access to a 17-page outline (PDF) of planned regulations and raised questions of surveillance of social networks and cloud computing facilities.”
Canadian Telcos Secretly Supporting Internet Surveillance Legislation

* Americans More Worried About Cybersecurity Than Terrorism

* FBI quietly forms secretive Net-surveillance unit


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