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The many ‘negatively-opinionated’ reports that had come to characterise comments on this country by outsiders seem to be dying out. So, let’s take a breather and look back at the things that amused many people when Rwandans ‘reassembled’ in their country, in 1994, as a society that had been torn up into those inside and those outside.

As expected, there were many communication problems when Rwandans got together again. But, rather than being a hindrance, these problems became a source of amusement for everybody, a factor that in its small measure contributed to remoulding their society. This ability to find humour in the littlest things proved to be an asset.

There was the case of ‘Sopecya’, for instance, a French acronym for a petrol company, ‘Socièté Petrolière de Cyangugu’. That acronym was also the name of the company’s petrol station that happened to be near a minibus taxi stage, which…

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