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Suriname: Country in the Jungle

Rainforest waterfall

Rainforest waterfall







Brokopondo, Suriname. Suriname river seen from the Anani river beach.

Brokopondo, Suriname. Suriname river seen from the Anani river beach.

Arya Dewaker Suriname temple

Arya Dewaker temple, Paramaribo, Suriname. The Arya Dewaker (Hindi वही आर्य देवकर) is the biggest Hindu temple in Suriname. It has over 30 million visitors every year from the Hindus and non-Hindus in Suriname and from around the world.

Country in the Jungle - Suriname

Country in the Jungle – The Central Suriname Nature Reserve

The estimated forest area is 14.8 million hectares (57 000 sq mi), which is 91% of the total land area (16.3 million hectares or 63 000 sq mi).
Suriname’s extensive forest cover and low population give it one of the lowest deforestation rates in the world.
Only 5 percent of the population lives in the rainforest; this includes indigenous peoples and six tribes of Maroons-descendants of escaped slaves who recreated forest communities centuries ago and today retain their traditional West African style.

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Suriname, officially the Republic of Suriname (Dutch: Republiek Suriname, Dutch pronunciation: [ˌrepyˈblik ˌsyriˈnaːmə]), is a country in northern South America.
It borders French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the west, Brazil to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the north.
Suriname was a former colony of the British and of the Dutch, and was previously known as Dutch Guiana.
Suriname achieved independence from the Netherlands on 25 November 1975.

At just under 165,000 km2 (64,000 sq mi) Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America (French Guiana comprises less territory, but is French territory).
It has an estimated population of approximately 560,000, most of whom live on the country’s north coast, where the capital Paramaribo is located.


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