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Cuba and Cubans: Where’s the Justice?


Gerardo, Ramón, Tony, Fernando y René daily risked their lives to discover and inform the terrorist plans against the Cuban people

Every hour that they spend locked up in that living hell is an insult to the memory of those who lost their lives on September 11 and all other victims of terrorism
Injustice in Miami – Five Cuban Heroes Jailed at USA

Renowned US actor Danny Glover, an activist in favor of the release from prison of five Cuban antiterrorists arbitrarily condemned in the United States since 1998, denounced the media silence around the case of these men, and called for justice.

Glover pointed out that the Cuban patriots were monitoring the activities of anti-Cuban groups in Miami, which planned and executed violent actions in Havana, like the terrorist attacks against hotel facilities in the 1990’s, in an attempt to interrupt tourism to the island and damage its economy.
Danny Glover Denounces Media Silence on The Five

Leaders from women’s organizations in Venezuela, Paraguay, Colombia, Chile,Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador demanded the immediate release from prison of Cuban anti-terrorists Gerardo Hernández, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino, René González and Antonio Guerrero.
Release of the Cuban Five Demanded in Ecuador

* Banner Demanding Justice for The Five to be Placed in the Antarctica
(CNN) — A jailed American contractor said he feels like a “hostage,” in Cuba, where he is serving a 15-year prison sentence on charges of subversion.

Alan Gross was arrested in 2009 while working as a subcontractor on a U.S. Agency for International Development project aimed at spreading democracy.

Gross’ family and attorneys say that he traveled to Cuba to help link the country’s small Jewish community to the Internet. But Cuban authorities say Gross imported sensitive communications equipment to connect dissidents.
American jailed in Cuba says he feels like a hostage
On the 11th. Day of March 2010, I Raúl García of Cuban Nationality completed a twenty (20) year sentence of imprisonment at Her Majesty’s Prisons. Upon my release, I was placed in the custody of the Immigration Department for deportation. However, because of the form of past laws in the Cuban Government, they denied my repatriation, such that, I ended up being held at the Grantley Adams International Airport as a detainee for nine (9) months.
Barbados prisoner Raúl García vows hunger strike until death

* Raúl García

* Jailed Cuban willing to die

* Coronell Art


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