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A Visa for Kosovo


**PRISTINA, KosovoKosovo citizens are currently only allowed to visit four countries world wide visa-free: (Turkey, Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro).
As to media reports that the Kosovo Government now likewise intends to request visas from visitors of selected countries.
Citizens of Russia and China are said to be among the respective states. According to government sources this policy doesn’t refer to the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, but will be also applicable to several states from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.
The new visa procedure will include entry and transit visas.
A starting date for the procedure was not published yet.
Korrik Sofalia at KON/NK

**Kosovo Introduces First Visa Regime
Citizens of 72 states – including China and Russia – will be required to apply for a visa in order to enter Kosovo.
Kosovo’s government has announced the introduction of its first visa regime from January 2013.

Among those countries to be affected are China and Russia – two members of the UN Security Council currently blocking Kosovo’s ambitions to become a member – and Afghanistan, the first country to have recognised Kosovo’s independence from Serbia in February 2008.

The Foreign Ministry said the selection was based on international criteria, such as the threat posed to state security.

A further 14 countries, including Jamaica and Egypt, will be allowed to apply for visas at border points.
Balkan Insight

Kosovo tourist visa is not required for citizens of United States.
Sounds good! What else do I need to know while planning a trip to Kosovo?

First, check the current validity of your passport.
All travelers will need a passport valid for at least 90 days following your departure date from Kosovo. However, we strongly recommend traveling with 6 months validity on your passport at all times. VisaHQ can assist U.S. citizens with a full range of expedited passport services, including new passport application and passport renewal.

Second, make sure your passport has blank Visa pages.
Most destinations, including Kosovo, require that you have adequate un-used pages in your passport, allowing for any necessary stamps upon arrival and departure. We recommend that you have at least two free pages in Visas section of your passport before any international travel. U.S. citizens can get extra passport pages added to their passports as fast as within 24 hours.

Finally, confirm if transit visa is required for any connections.
Check with your airline in case you have connecting flights overseas as part of your journey to Kosovo. It may be the case that countries you pass through en route to your destination may require a separate transit visa. Please refer to visa requirements of the specific country.
Kosovo tourist visa is not required for citizens of United States.

**EU Launches Kosovo Visa Liberalisation Dialogue
The European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, said in Pristina on Thursday that the EU had set the ball rolling on the issue, after the country had fulfilled a set of conditions.

Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom noted that Kosovo had not received a roadmap on the day the dialogue was launched, but reiterated that the EU’s commitment to visa-liberalisation is real.
EU Launches Kosovo Visa Liberalisation Dialogue

**Information for Kosovo
Or where can you go with a passport of Kosovo without a visa.

Visa free
 Bermuda 		6 Month(s)
 Cook Islands 		31 Day(s)
 Dominica 		21 Day(s)
 Ecuador 		90 Day(s)
 Haiti 			3 Month(s)
 Micronesia 		30 Day(s)
 Montenegro 		30 Day(s)
 Niue 			30 Day(s)
 Philippines 		21 Day(s)
 Saint Kitts and Nevis 	14 Day(s)
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 Month(s)
 Singapore 		30 Day(s)
 Turkey 		3 Month(s)

Visa upon arrival
 Armenia 		120 Day(s)
 Azerbaijan 		30 Day(s)
 Bangladesh 		90 Day(s)
 Cambodia 		30 Day(s)
 Djibouti 		1 Month(s)
 East Timor 		30 Day(s)
 Egypt 			30 Day(s)
 Kenya 			3 Month(s)
 Laos 			30 Day(s)
 Madagascar 		90 Day(s)
 Maldives 		30 Day(s)
 Mozambique 		30 Day(s)
 Palau 			30 Day(s)
 Papua New Guinea 	60 Day(s)
 Samoa 			60 Day(s)
 Seychelles 		1 Month(s)
 Togo 			7 Day(s)
 Tuvalu 		1 Month(s)
 Zambia 		90 Day(s)

Visa required
Andorra 	Apply regulation of France or Spain.
Bulgaria 	Except for transit.
Burkina Faso 	Not required in extreme cases.
Burundi 	Visa on arrival possible if there is no 
diplomatic representative of Burundi located in country of 
Cape Verde 	Not required for former nationals of Cape 
Verde islands.Visa on arrival for those coming from countries 
where no diplomatic representation is established.
Costa Rica 	US, Canada or EU visa accepted.
Dominican Republic	US, Canada or EU visa accepted.
Gibraltar 	UK visa accepted (must be valid for one 
Guam 		Same conditions as for mainland US.
Guatemala 	US, Canada or Schengen visa accepted.
Honduras 	US, Canada or Schengen visa accepted.
India 		Except for those holding a PIO card (Person 
of Indian Origin).
Iran 		Need a pre-approval code obtained at
Liberia 	Visa exemption if coming from country 
without diplomatic representation of Liberia.
Macedonia 	Schengen visa accepted.
Mongolia 	Visa on arrival if arriving from countries
 where there is no diplomatic representation of Mongolia.
Nicaragua 	US, Canada or Schengen visa accepted.
Nigeria 	Except for former Nigeria Nationals.
Northern Mariana Islands US visa accepted.
Pakistan 	Visa not needed if holding a Pakistan 
Origin Card (POC).
Puerto Rico 	Except if arriving directly from US.
San Marino 	Same rules as for Italy.
Somalia 	Except if of Somali origin.
South Korea 	Visa exemption if holding visa or residence 
permit from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand or USA. 
Visa exemption if previously entered Republic of Korea.
Sudan 		Except if of Sudanese origin.
Syria 		Except if born in an Arabic country.
Turks and Caicos Islands US, Canada or UK visa accepted.
United States Virgin Islands 	Except if arriving directly 
from US.
Uruguay 	Except if born in Uruguay.

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