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Ethiopia, Dallol: The hottest place on Earth

Ethiopia, Dallol volcano, Photo Carsten Peter.
Ethiopia, Dallol volcano, Photo Carsten Peter.

Dallol Volcano Salt ConcretionsDallol Volcano Salt Concretions

Dallol Volcano Concretion

Dallol Volcano Concretion (Photo credit: pierre coste)

Lava lake in the caldera of Erta Ale volcano, Ethiopia.’s-overflowing-lava-lake-ethiopian-volcano/

Lava lake in the caldera of Erta Ale volcano, Ethiopia.

* Erta Ale™s overflowing lava lake – Ethiopian volcano

* The Afar Triangle (the Afar Depression or the Danakil Depression)

* Afar Region

* Ethiopia – Travellerspoint

The Afar Depression, also known under the outdated name Danakil depression, is a part of Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, and the lowest point in Ethiopia and one of the lowest in Africa and is located in the north of the Region.
The Afar Depression, Erta-Ale active volcanic movement, Awash National Park, Yangudi Rassa National Park, Hadar and Aramis area, are the major tourist attraction area of the region.
In 2005, a giant rift was formed in just a few days. The rift opened when the Dabbahu Volcano, situated in the north of the region, erupted. The crack forming is thought to be part of the process in which the Arabian Plate and African plates are moving apart. This new crack, 500 meters (1,640 ft) long, and 60 meters (197 ft) deep, opened when the lava from the erupting volcano flew underground and cooled into a 60 kilometers (37 mi) long, 8 meters (26 ft) wide dike within days.

Dallol is one of the 29 woredas in the Afar Region of Ethiopia.
This woreda is named for the former mining settlement of Dallol, which set the record for the hottest inhabited place on Earth, with an average temperature of 34° C. Located at the northernmost point of the Administrative Zone 2, Dallol’s territory includes part of the Afar Depression.
This woreda is bordered on the south by Koneba, on the west by the Tigray Region, on the north by Eritrea, and on the east and south by Berhale.
The average elevation in this woreda is 660 meters above sea level; high points include Mount Hayle and Mount Dabshado, which are part of the Ethiopian highlands. Rivers include the Ragali. About 22.33% of the total population has access to drinking water.

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