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Cuba, Havana: The Wrinkles of the City


Havana_Wrinkles of the city_photo-1_JR x Jose Parla_

Havana_Wrinkles of the city_image-3_JR x Jose Parla_

Havana_Wrinkles of the city_7_JR x Jose Parla_

The intriguing collaboration between JR and Jose Parla on the walls of Havana.
Parla, with his Cuban roots, seems like the perfect partner in crime for the TED winning French artist for turning the murals of the first and the stark photos of the second into a singular piece of breathtaking artwork.
This phase of JR’s Wrinkles Of The City project will coincide with the 11th Havana Biennial 2012 and feature photos from a previous trip to Cuba that the duo took back in March.


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