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Kazakhstan: Pagan Ritual with a White Camel


People in a Kazakh town have sacrificed a white camel in a bid to end an adolescent “suicide epidemic” blamed on an evil spirit that comes as a vision to instigate boys to kill themselves.

In the little town of Karabulak in Southern Kazakhstan, an imam has advised local residents to knife a white camel, to expel an evil spirit that was driving people to suicide.
Interfax reported that a local resident, Akim Alimzhan Nishankulov, said two school boys aged around 12 and 14 have committed suicide this year.
Three other teens were rescued at the last moment.
Last year, 14 residents killed themselves in this village which has a population of several thousand.
The Chief Imam of the town mosque, Abdurrafi Rakhmatullayev, said the teens had seen an elderly man dressed in white, who called them and told them “to follow him; he then showed them a rope around his neck and said that life was senseless.”

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“That was the devil in human guise,” Abdurrafi Rakhmatullayev said.

According to the regional Otyrar TV, around 200 residents of Karabulak town, which has a population of 40,000, attended the sacrifice ceremony.

A similar incident took place in Karabulak 60 years ago, but the suicides were ended after an elders advised a white camel sacrifice, said town head Alimzhan Nishankulov.
IANS/RIA Novosti

So, he advised them to sacrifice a white camel to appease the evil spirit.

white camelPoor white camel. I pitty the fool…

* Camel Sacrificed in Kazakhstan to End Suicides

Karabulak is a town in Eskeldi District in the Almaty Province of south-eastern Kazakhstan. It is the capital of the district.

Қарабұлақ — кент, Алматы облысы Ескелді ауданының (1968 жылдан) орталығы. Тұрғыны 14,3 мың адам (2003). Іргесі 1855 ж. Верный – Текелі автомоб. жолы бойында қаланған. 1951 – 97 ж. қызылша өсіретін ұжымшар орт. болып келді. Қ-та қант з-ты, ұн тарту, құрама жем, автокөлі


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